As a community-focused financial institution, CCBank reflects the positive culture of its native Utah. Committed to the financial well-being of our customers and the personal growth of our employees, CCBank focuses on uplifting our friends, families and neighbors. In fact, as a local job provider, all of our employees live and work in the state. We pride ourselves on providing a fun and friendly atmosphere, where employees are encouraged to come together as a team. Our bank is progressive with new technology and on-the-job training, retaining current employees and continually adding new positions.

Employee Perks

  • Equal Opportunity Employer
  • Health Insurance
  • 401(k) Plan
  • Fees Waived (for certain banking products)
  • Employee Training

Wellness Program

  • Wellness Hour: employees get one hour per week of paid time off for exercise.
  • Hydrate for Health: all new hires receive reusable CCBank water bottles as an incentive to stay replenished and cut down on waste.
  • For Health’s Sake – Give It Up: employees are encouraged to give up one unhealthy habit.
  • Fun Activities: employees relieve stress by doing a fun activity, such as company-sponsored bowling.
  • Annual 5(k) Fun Run: every year, employees, families and friends are challenged to run, walk, hike or skate – winning medals and prizes.
  • Healthy Harvest: employees share home-grown fruits and vegetables, as well as great recipes.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP): employees and their families are invited to yearly workplace trainings, featuring such topics as: “Journey to Well-Being,” “Mindfulness in the Workplace,” “Celebrate What’s Right with The World,” “Living in the Now,” “Life Balance” and “Dealing with Difficult People.
  • Reasons to Smile: employees educated on dental health.
  • Photo Contest: employees submit photos of outdoor places in Utah with the top 12 photos featured in annual calendar.
  • Pay It Forward: each employee is given $20 with the instruction to pay it forward.
  • Charity Work: volunteers contribute towards a food pantry collection and gift cards for a local children’s charity.
  • Corn Maze: employees and their families find their way out of a labyrinth every autumn.
  • Flu Shot Clinic: immunizations offered to employees each year.

Join Our Team

To apply for a position with CCBank, please visit our Careers page.