This year has truly brought struggle and strife to our community. Together, we are overcoming tremendous challenges and headwinds—particularly for those beloved businesses that provide essential services and products that contribute to a wonderful quality of life for all of us in the state of Utah.

While this pandemic continues to impact those close to us—our friends, families, and neighbors—all of us at CCBank want to ensure that we are fulfilling the needs of our community by maintaining the personalized service that we’ve been known for since 1993.

Our partnership with Boss Insights is truly an innovation that delivers on that service promise. The loan forgiveness portal not only connects our lending team at our five branch offices with our clients who received a loan through the PPP, it automates much of the paperwork and cuts down quite a bit of the hassle for our clients.

In short, this technology offering exclusive to our PPP clients transforms an arduous process to one that is fast, personalized, and relatively hassle-free.

That’s neighbor serving neighbor. That’s going beyond banking.

We invite you to read our quick report linked below (click on image) on how this innovative partnership is helping our business clients better manage their PPP loan: