Provo, Utah (March 16, 2023)

CCBank announced today that it has been ranked as the #4 top-performing community bank in the United States among 544 other banks in its peer group, with assets ranging from $500 million to $999 million. CCBank was listed as the fourth strongest bank in 2022 by performance in a December 31, 2022, YTD report compiled  and recently distributed by CB Resource Risk Management & Planning—an independent bank rating firm.

This report provides a comparative summary of community banks operating nationwide and gives a scorecard to rank banks against their peers using key performance indicators, including asset growth rate, return on average assets and average equity, net interest margin, efficiency ratio, non-performing assets to assets, non-interest-bearing deposits to deposits, and non-interest income to average assets.

“CCBank’s ranking as a top-performing community bank within its peer group showcases our strong commitment to fiscal soundness, responsible and diversified lending to our community, and ability to serve our clients with industry-leading rates and personalized, local service,” said Matt Field, CCBank’s President and CFO. “It also showcases the extraordinary talent among our employees and bank leadership team. These results are impossible without good people behind the scenes delivering exceptional service to our clients and partners.”

The full report published by CB Resource is available for review and download here.