1. Credit Karma; based on average charge of $34 on average transaction of $24 to be repaid within three days.
  2. CFPB; from 2017 lawsuit, the annual percentage rates for four tribal lenders’ installment loan products was between 440% and 950%
  3. FTC and CFPB; based on title lenders charging average of 25% per month and typical two-week payday loan with a $15 per $100 fee.
  4. FTC; based on $83/month, 12-month Lease to Own (LTO) plan to purchase ~ $500 item and $39/week, 48-week LTO plan to purchase ~$600 item.
  5. Lend Academy; assumes $200 amount financed with $5 finance charge 7 days between the advance and employee’s regularly scheduled pay date.