Harrington Center Expands Mission in American Fork

Summerisa and Spencer Stevens are working to renovate and expand the Harrington School into a dedicated arts center housing an art gallery, performance theater, dance studios, classrooms, and offices that will collectively promote a culture of creativity and learning by supporting the arts in education, performance, and opportunities. Their goal is to cultivate an environment of creativity, and “build a sense of community throughout Utah Valley through educational programs that inspire the next generation of artists and theatergoers.”

According to the Harrington Center, the former school built in 1903 is considered to be the birthplace of public education west of the Mississippi and “survives today as the oldest and most significant example of educational architecture in American Fork, and one of the few remaining buildings of its kind in Utah.”

“CCBank has become a trusted partner during the effort to expand our center for the arts. It’s a bank with community in mind, and it’s been refreshing to work with their team.” – Summerisa & Spencer Stevens

For more information on the Harrington Center, please visit www.harringtoncenter.org