Stages of Retirement Planning

Here are some of the unique segments, financial goals and banking services that CCBank wants you to consider and can offer assistance during your life stages:


Millennial Movers

When you’re just starting out, you might be spending more than you’re actually earning. Younger people are going to school, entering the workforce and finding a life partner. CCBank encourages young millennials to prepare for the following goals:

    • Buying a car or furniture
    • Establishing good credit
    • Financing further education and training
    • Saving for future needs while paying off debt

Flourishing Families

With children in the picture, you’ve got little ones depending on you to make smart decisions for you and your family. Now you’re earning more and advancing in your career. Providing savings accounts and home mortgages, CCBank wants thriving families to be aware of the following goals:

    • Purchasing a home and life insurance
    • Increasing savings and reducing taxes
    • Opening a retirement plan
    • Preparing a will

Retirement Ready

While you should really be preparing for retirement throughout the income-earning years, your 40s and 50s are a critical time to plan and invest for life after work. Your expenses should be going down as your savings begin to build. With checking accounts and Certificates of Deposit and available, CCBank customers preparing for retirement should be mindful of the following goals:

    • Paying off mortgage and other debt
    • Sending kids to vocational school or college
    • Starting a small business
    • Planning for retirement

Active Adults

Your work life is winding down or you’re recently retired, so now is the time to see the world, become a volunteer or transition to a part-time job. Working is less of a priority, while making the most out of your free time is paramount. Offering online services and debit card rewards, CCBank wants advancing adults to be aware of the following goals:

    • Optimizing taxes
    • Making life savings last
    • Considering options for assisted living
    • Planning your estate

Savvy Seniors

Later in life, hopefully you’re enjoying your retirement years – relaxing with your life partner, spending time with family and friends and participating in your favorite hobbies. Because you’re advancing in age, you need to be more mindful of your health. With no fees on cashier’s checks and other special services, CCBank hopes that smart seniors are well-prepared for the following goals:

    • Transitioning savings and pensions into income
    • Managing taxes
    • Realizing retirement savings
    • Updating your will and estate plans

Online or in person, CCBank puts you in control of your journey, focusing on your financial success every step of the way. After all, when you’re a customer of CCBank, it’s all about “Freedom of Choice.”